We offer the following premium quality services:

Picture Framing Services


Corporate Frames have framed artwork and photographs for discerning clients in the corporate industry, artists, galleries, and in the hospitality industry. With our extensive knowledge of framing we in a position to give the best advice on the design and quality of materials.

Photos in both paper print and stretched canvas.

Framing of Posters and Prints

Box frames of achievements coupled with photos, medals, sports jerseys and collectible memorabilia.

Framing of Oil and Acrylic art work

Works of art on canvas, paper, board and conservation framing.

Printing on paper, canvas, and other mediums.

Mirrors in frames and frame-less mirrors including back light mirrors

Hand gilding in gold and silver leaf.

Innovative paint and distressed frame finishes.

Framing of Awards, diplomas and certificates.

Canvas Framing and Stretching


Block Mounting

Vacuum pressing of photography

Custom made Antique and Hand gilded Frames

Mirror Frames


Corporate Frames specialises in Custom Mirrors and Mirror Framing in many styles, colours, and shapes. We offer a complete range of mirror frames from Antique Mirror Frames, Frameless Mirrors, Hand painted Mirror Frames, Modern Mirror Frames, Ornate Mirrors, Wooden Mirror Frames including Carved Frames, Backlit Illuminated Mirrors to Bespoke Mirror Frames. You name it we can make it. Just imagine your vision and we can create your mirror to match it.

Picture Hanging


Not only does Corporate Frames deliver frames, we also do the installation of pictures, photographs, mirrors, and artwork using the top gallery hanging systems, security hanging systems, and stainless steel spacer systems that are used for Galleries, Corporate and Hospitality industries. We are also trained to advise our clients regarding the correct positioning and layout of artwork.